Best 3 Steps of How to Stop TinyTask?

TinyTask is a tool that may automate repetitive actions without the need for program-specific macros or learning to create computer scripts and code. This is because TinyTask does not need users to learn how to write code or scripts. Instead, it works by creating a recording of you carrying out an activity or set of activities on your computer and then playing back that recording.

The only difference is that instead of merely capturing a video of the activities, the computer will carry them out once again. This means that the screen, the mouse, and the keyboard will all go through the same motions as before. You have the option of playing back the recording only once, continuously, or for a predetermined number of times.

How to Stop TinyTask?

In this article, we will provide you with the easiest methods to stop TinyTask.To complete the process, we need to turn off the TinyTask, then move forward to block it from running on your computer, and finally, completely remove the file from the PC. So let us get into it.

Step 1- Stop Running TinyTask

To disable the file, first, we need to use PC optimizer software. There are a lot of processes running on your system, which uses up your CPU resources and memory. Some of these processes seem like malicious files, and they attack your computer by running on your system.

To tackle this, PC optimizer software is commonly used. To understand how it helps to stop running the TinyTask file, we will be looking at Asmwsoft PC Optimizer, one of the many PC optimizer software on the market. After installing the PC optimizer, here is what you need to do-

  • After that, select the “Process Manager” option from the main window. Wait for a few seconds, and then, after the process list has shown, scroll down until you locate the TinyTask file you wish to remove or stop using.
  • After clicking the TinyTask process file, pick “Add to the block list” from the menu that appears after clicking the right mouse button.
  • Because of this, the procedure won’t be able to run. (remember that you are required to maintain “process manager” running at all times. You have the ability to have this program run when Windows begins by going to the options menu, selecting ” Load automatically on windows startup,” and then clicking the save settings button.

Step 2- Disable TinyTask

Now we will be looking at the process to disable the TinyTask-

  • Choose “Startup manager” as your tool inside the main window of the PC Optimizer.
  • Find the TinyTask program you wish to remove or disable in the main window of the startup manager by clicking on it, then clicking the right mouse button, and selecting either “Delete selected item” to delete it permanently or “Deactivate selected item” to disable it.
  • Click the “Scheduled tasks” button from the main window of the startup manager, then locate the program you want to remove or disable by clicking it, followed by clicking the right mouse button and selecting “Delete” to delete it permanently or “Disable” to disable it temporarily.
  • Click the “Application services” button on the main window of startup management, then locate the program you wish to deactivate by clicking it, followed by clicking the right mouse button, and finally selecting the “Disable” option.

Step 3- Delete TinyTask Completely

  • The “Force deleter” feature may be accessed from the main window of the PC Optimizer.
  • Then, inside the force deleter program, click the choose file button, then go to the location where you saved the TinyTask file, and finally, click the open button.
  • Now click the “unlock and delete” option, and when you get the confirmation box, click “yes.” That’s all there is to it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you loop a Tiny task?

There are two different methods by which you can loop the TinyTask. To begin, you have the option of pressing the “Rec” button that is located in the TinyTask window. You may also record by using the shortcut on your keyboard that is “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R.”

The actions of your computer’s mouse and keyboard will be captured by the utility program after you have begun the recording process and given it permission to do so. This will include any navigations you’ve made to a folder, website, or anyplace else on the internet. After that, the program will create a macro that it may utilize in the future to automate the tasks that you have.

Does TinyTask record the keyboard?

Yes, it records the keyboard. When we need to do the same keyboard activity several times, we may utilize TinyTask to record all of the mouse clicks and keyboard key actions. This allows the software to automatically carry out the activities that have been recorded in the past. The tutorial for Tinytask recording keyboard action is as follows-

  • Launch the program and choose the record button.
  • When you are finished recording, click the stop button.
  • You must first click the play button to see what was just recorded.
  • To save the action locally, click the “Save as” button.

How Can Long TinyTask record?

If you upgrade to the premium version of the program, you may increase the recording time beyond the usual maximum of five minutes.

Is TinyTask a script?

You will need to build a script to automate operations such as clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard repeatedly. On the other hand, TinyTask is a tool that will get the work done for you. Recording the action of clicking the mouse and then playing it back is all you require.

Conclusion: We hope that by reading our post thoroughly, you will better understand how to stop TinyTask. Then, once you have gone through the instructions correctly, you can do it by yourself easily.