Download 360 Root APK for Android and Windows PC

Are you looking for a simple but effective root tool that supports many Android smartphones? Well, you can download 360 Root APK for your Android device. It is one of the famous Chinese rooting applications that work for all Chinese brands and other trending smartphone devices. The user manual could be difficult because the language is in Chinese. However, if you have the slightest knowledge about the Chinese language, you can use it to root the smartphones. Similar to another root tool, 360 Root is also a one-click root application.

Finding the official 360 Root is difficult because most of them are not the original root tool. However, in this post, we have managed to share the latest and original 360 Root app for Windows and Mac computers along with the Android version. Also, you will find the installation guide for this tool.

Download 360 Root APK for Android and Windows PC

What is 360 Root App?

Rooting means getting admin access like Superuser permission to your Android system, and 360 Root is another one-click root app. After rooting the device, you can control the Android smartphone. The rooted device unlocks the device’s full potential; you can do anything like installing third-party apps or deleting default apps. Also, after rooting, you will be able to fix bloatware.

However, rooting has some limitations. Often, a handful of smartphones do not support rooting. Also, the rooting may fail for some devices. In this circumstance, 360 Root can be suitable for you. It has a higher success rate. Here, we will share the latest and official 360 Root app for both Android and Windows PC. Before revealing the download option, let’s check out the benefits of using the 360 Root tool.

Benefits of Rooting using 360 Root

  • Unroot the device in one click.
  • Unblock your Android device’s full potential and overcome the manufacturing limitations.
  • Experience faster performance after rooting.
  • Solve battery draining. After rooting, you can identify which app consumes most of the battery power. So you can uninstall or delete this app even if the app is the default.
  • Block annoying advertisements. 
  • Remove all bloatware and delete the preinstalled apps.

Features of 360 Root

One-click Rooting App

360 Root is a one-click root app. That means you can root the phone with one click. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes the rooting process quick. The rooting technique is easy. After downloading and installing the APK file, you need to click on the “Root” option, and the app will start the rooting. Within a few seconds to a minute, your Android device will be rooted. If you see the green mark, you are done.

Quick and Fast Rooting App

Similar to other root apps, 360 Root is a one-click root app so that this tool will root the Android device fast. If you download and install the latest version, click on the exploit option to start the rooting process. Within a few minutes, your smartphone will be rooted.

Supported Devices

This root app supports hundreds of Android devices. It supports almost all Android smartphones and tablets. This app has already rooted more than 9000 smartphones. So you do not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Supported OS

This app supports only Android OS; there is no Windows version available yet. Though you will get the EXE setup file, we will reveal a secret to use it on PC. So you can root the device from both PC and Smartphone.

Warning: This is an important notice for you. Rooting is an advanced and highly technical task because as soon as you click on the root button, the software warranty will be void for your device. While rooting, if you brick the device, we are not responsible for your action. So we recommend seeking professional help if you are confused with anything regarding the rooting.

Download 360 Root APK Latest version for Android

360 Root is not available on Google Play Store. So you have to download it from other sources. However, we are going to share the latest 360 Root app for your Android device below. To get it, click on the download option, and the APK file will be downloaded on your Android smartphone right away.

360 Root v8.1.1.3.apk {Latest Version}

How to Install 360 Root App on Windows PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks on Windows PC
  • Or, Download 360 Root for PC from website.
  • Double click on the setup file and install it on BlueStacks.
  • This way, the app will be installed on your Windows PC.

How to Use 360 Root Application on Windows PC

We are providing a user manual of 360 Root using an emulator. So the rooting process is similar to a smartphone. 

Step 1: Connect the device to the PC using the USB cable.

Step 2: After installing this root app by following the above instructions, double click on the root app icon, and it will open within the BlueStacks.

Step 3: From the app dashboard, check if this app finds the connected device correctly.

Step 4: Now, navigate to the rooting option and click on the “Exploit” option.

Step 5: If 360 Root finds any exploit on your device, click on the root button, and the rooting process will begin.

Step 6: Wait for a few minutes because rooting will take time.

Step 7: When the rooting is completed, a big green tick mark will appear.

Step 8: Now, try to install the SuperSU, and if you succeeded, then your device is fully rooted.

Step 9: If you want to unroot the device after completing the tasks, you can again use the 360 Root tool.

For Windows computers, you have to use an Android emulator. So download and install the emulator and then install the APK file on the emulator. After installing, follow the above steps, like using 360 Root on Android and root the device.

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Important Notice
  • Rooting void the software warranty
  • Unroot the device if you dislike the rooting
  • If anything goes wrong, your device can be bricked or damaged
  • Backup all files and data before rooting

Developer Credit: (360 Security Center) has developed and distributed this one-click root app. As freeware, we have shared the latest version in this article. A big thanks to the developer, and all credit goes to them to create for sharing such a useful rooting tool.

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