How to install Mods on the Gorilla tag?

The vast majority of games provide players the ability to modify the game to enhance their satisfaction with the experience; nevertheless, not all game developers approve of people making modifications to their games.

As a side note, game producers do not have a problem with players’ use of mods; nevertheless, they strongly advise that mods be utilized only on private servers. If the player is in a private lobby or room that cannot be joined on the vanilla version of the game and other players in the hall are agreeable with the player using the mod. The makers of Gorilla Tag will allow the user to use the mod.

Participating in gaming using these modifications is not feasible unless you are the host of a private game or have been asked to do so. Be aware that even in private lobbies, people may and will report you for using modifications; thus, you should ensure that everyone is okay with this.

If cosmetic modding is one of the modifying types, then create a private lobby and allow players to engage in modding via the clock. If a Cosmetic Mod was dropped for you, you should go up to Level 1, where it can be equipped if given one.

How to install mods on Gorilla tag

If you wish to install mods on the Gorilla tag, you must go through our instructions carefully. Skipping any of the below instructions will result in an error in installing mods.

  • You need a personal computer (PC) or laptop and a USB-C connection to connect your Oculus Quest to your PC to upload mods in Gorilla Tag successfully (be sure to enable developer mode on your Oculus).
  • Even if you are playing Gorilla Tag with a standalone Oculus headset, you can install mods without first connecting your Headset to a computer. This is because doing the required file manipulation requires access to the computer.
  • You will need to download the Quest Patcher, after which you will need to install it on the same disk as the Gorilla Tag installation. Then, simply double-clicking on the EXE will run Monke Mod Manager, which can be downloaded from this location.
  • After that, Mod Manager will automatically find your Gorilla Tag installation and download it. If the mod manager cannot determine where you installed Quest automatically, you may use the file manager to browse to the correct location.
  • Choose MonkeyMapLoader from the list that appears, check the box next to it to indicate that it is selected, and then click the On Install/Update button to install Map Loader into the Gorilla Tag.
  • To install the MonkeMapLoader.qmod file, open the QuestPatcher program, go to the Browse modifications section, and then choose the MonkeMapLoader.qmod file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Simply dragging and dropping a.gmat file into the “Gorilla Tag/BepInEx/Materials” folder will allow you to install custom Gorilla materials that other players have created but which are not included with the mod themselves.


Where do I get Gorilla tag mods? 

To get the Gorilla tag mods, you must follow the instructions above in the article carefully.

How do I add mods to the Gorilla tag? 

The Quest Patcher is a mod installer that may be used to add Mods for Gorilla Tag or for anything else, in general, that you could be interested in. To get it, make sure to follow the instructions down below:

  • Go over to your PC and download the Quest Patcher.
  • Go over to your PC and download the Quest Patcher. Choose the Windows file that you want to download, and then download it.
  • Open it after it’s finished downloading, and then install it.
  • It is highly recommended to run the software as an administrator.
  • Now all you need to do is follow the instructions to install the program.
  • After completing the installation, you may begin using the Quest Patcher.
  • If your Headset is connected, you will need to allow access to data via it.
  • If your Headset is not already connected, you should do it now. After that, it will inquire as to whether or not you would want to enable USB Debugging.
  • To grant access, click the OK button.
  • Quest Patcher will be ready for use as soon as all permissions have been given.

Can you get mods on Gorilla tag without a PC? 

Several times, the question has been asked about whether you can download the mods on Gorilla Tag without a PC, and the answer is sadly no. to Install the mods, you need at least a PC.

Conclusion: In the recently released virtual reality (VR) game Gorilla Tag, players compete against one another in a straightforward and basic game of tag. The game is easy to pick up and play and provides a pleasant and engaging experience for multiplayer virtual reality sessions.

Although the visuals in VR may not be the most impressive, they are passable and do an excellent job of keeping the player’s attention on the action. The use of basic visuals contributes to the creation of an experience that is earthy and primitive, making it an excellent choice for the game of tag. The movement system in Gorilla Tag is one of the game’s most fascinating and distinctive aspects. In contrast to other virtual reality games, this one doesn’t use sticks.

However, many players are still opting to add more mods to the game to enhance their gaming experience. Many new members newly update the latest mods on GitHub, which are fun and exciting to install in the game.

Installing new mods is fun, but new users have to make sure to follow the instructions carefully. On the other hand, going through our instructions above can help the new Gorilla Tag players to add new exciting mods.