How to level up in the Gacha club?

Lunime, a game development company that has successfully launched a broad range of Gacha games since 2015 has released its newest casual strategic role-playing game under the name Gacha Club. Gacha Studio, Gacha Life, and Gachaverse are just three of the most popular games that Lunime has to offer within its 14-strong app library.

Gacha Club, in its most basic form, is a compilation of numerous elements and gameplay concepts from some of Lunime’s most well-known successes, which have been combined with a number of enhancements.

In addition to participating in a variety of conflicts, players have the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time altering the appearance of their characters by making use of a wide variety of free clothing and accessories.

You also get access to a studio where you may build a variety of scenarios starring your own original characters, along with pets and settings that can be customized. There are a variety of minigames that, in addition to providing a break from the fighting stages, also provide substantial benefits that may assist you in advancing farther in the story of your journey.

Aside from all of its content and features, the thing that sets it distinct from the majority of other Gacha games is that you can absolutely make decent progress without paying a dollar, and Gacha Club can also be played fully offline. This is what makes it so unique.

How to level up in the Gacha club:

If you want to level up in the Gacha Club, you need to follow some of the important techniques. These techniques are as follows-

Focus on progressing the main story 

Gacha Club manages to cram its one-of-a-kind style of the tale into even its most accessible strategy RPG form. Even though there are just two chapters in the game at the moment, progressing through each level should take quite some time.

Gems, money, experience points, and the many other resources necessary to level up your heroes are all rewarded to you at the completion of each stage. Once you start to succeed in each stage, you’ll get additional gem awards, and as you make more progress, the rewards you acquire will become increasingly valuable. This will help you to level up in the Gacha Club.

Always manage a balanced team.

There are over 180 different characters for you to gather and level up in Gacha Club, so you can be sure that a one-of-a-kind squad is waiting for you there. The first cast of characters that you are allowed to deploy in combat is, in all honesty, rather good.

They cover all of the accessible elements, and their attacks are well-balanced between single-target and area-of-effect strategies. As you continue to spend gems and tickets to summon new characters, you will undoubtedly run upon a hero or two that is better suited to your own tastes and gameplay approaches.

Even though Gacha Club is a straightforward game, there are a lot of factors to think about while putting up a team. However, the first thing you should concentrate on is how to create a solo character who can guide you through the tale of the game.

Be selective on which hero to invest in. 

If you have enough experienced heroes in your party, you should be able to make it through the first few stages of the narrative mode. These heroes will receive experience points for each step they complete in the story mode.

Because the subsequent levels get progressively more challenging, however, it is inevitable that your heroes will fall behind in terms of level and strength. This is the reason why you will sometimes be required to grind particular stages in order to catch up.

Beyond that, however, you have a variety of ways to improve your heroes that have nothing to do with combat. Considering the resource requirements associated with each feature, you will need to exercise caution and careful planning when deciding which heroes to invest in, as each feature will require a different amount of resources.

What is the Highest level in Gacha Club? 

When a hero achieves their maximum level, which is set to 50 by default, you have the option of awakening them in order to boost their level limit even more. In addition to gathering numerous awakening materials via the game’s farming system, players may also win them through the game’s gold, Gacha. The highest level that can be achieved is increased by 10 levels after each waking, and this process may be repeated up to five times for a total of 100.

How do you put in codes on Gacha Club? 

After opening the game, selecting the settings menu, and finally selecting the ‘phone’ button, you will be able to utilize Gacha Club codes. After selecting the ‘phone’ button, you will be given a phone on which you may enter numbers using the keypad. When you acquire Gacha Club codes, you’ll need to enter them here, so make sure you have them ready.

How do you get diamonds fast in Gacha Club? 

The diamonds are available in the game. However, these are not placed in plain sight. Over the course of playing, you will be able to find them in the hidden spot. So look for the hidden spot where there are high chances of finding the diamonds. However, you can also get the diamonds by watching a short video ad in the game to gain the diamonds faster.

Conclusion: We hope that you had fun reading through our guide to how to level up in the Gacha Club and that you picked up a lot of useful information from the easy methods and pointers that we offered to you. This brings us to the end of our guidelines for you.

Remember to take advantage of the free gems you may receive by viewing a little video advertisement every once in a while, and also set aside some time to enjoy the game’s studio function when you need a break from all of the fights and obstacles. In short, enjoy the game while leveling up, and you will feel more engaged.