How To Record Desktop With Dxtory Screen Recorder

Dxtory Screen recording is one of the satisfactory choices for recording on a desktop. Dxtory Screen Recorder substantiates zero quality loss. So it is so much more than that and its output integrity is very remarkable.

Also, it allows you to maximize the write amount of storage by organizing many files. You can select custom bit rates for each of them.

Features of Dxtory Screen Recorder

Dxtory can capture 1080p and you can record on a desktop with this high-quality system with Dxtory. It’s a solid system and also very useful if anyone want more than the standard freeware apps.

However, In this guide, you will learn how to record desktop with Dxtory.


  • It is the fastest speed system to record on the desktop.
  • Undoubtedly, it works with a lightweight.
  • Always select valuable video codes, such as VFW Codec.
  • It also can record two or more audio citations at the exact time.
  • Save the recordings. So it’s a lossless process.
  • Customizable screenshots. You can scale, margin, and clipping so that you can set up whatever you want.
  • Stipulate JPEG format.
  • It has quick access to embellish formats.
  • Auto-repeat system.
  • It has Global, Advanced settings.
  • Recordings can be sourced to several video apps.
  • It also can capture gameplay in HD.
  • Free to use.


  • This is a very useful system to capture gameplay on a desktop at a higher speed.
  • You can record gameplay with one mouse switch.
  • It can adjust the ultimate length of clips, background recording, video quality, and other qualities.
  • While you are playing the games, it will record videos in the background. Dxtory will record videos on full screen.
  • Available on the latest devices but continually on Windows 10 or 11.


  • Sometimes, it does not fit for a sufficient amount of game.
  • It has an init problem.
  • The free version has boundaries.


  • Firstly, you have to visit the Dxtory Alternative online screen recorder.
  • To download the launcher you have to click on the “Start Recording” switch.
  • After installation, operate the program on your computer.
  • Click on the “Screen Recording”. Then it will launch the program.
  • When the activation of the launcher is done, customize the region. It allows you to activate the “Audio Recorder” option and “Webcam” option to catch the voice-over and the video recording.
  • Then to record the gameplay, click on the “REC” button.
  • When you’re done with capturing, click on the “Stop” button. It will save on your desktop.

You will find the videos by going to the online screen recorder library.

Conclusion: It’s a method that gives many functions of online screen recording, nice video spouse, great quality, and explicit instructions. Dxtory is organized for OpenGL apps.

This is the processing of recorded videos on a desktop without any quality loss. Now we know how to record desktop with Dxtory.

Here, you will discover everything you desire to capture the media you want. You can surely save the clips in many formats. This is very salutary for those who specialize in gaming.

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