How to Set up a Local Network on HA Tunnel Plus?

This post will help you set up your local network on your Ha Tunnel Plus and other devices. Instructions for configuring BGP sessions are included. A VPN profile setup for HA traffic will also be covered. Following the instructions will allow you to link your device to Ha Tunnel Plus. To begin, download and run Ha Tunnel Plus on your computer.

How to setup local network on HA tunnel plus:

To set up a local network, you must go through several steps. These steps are given below-

How to Set up a Local Network on HA Tunnel Plus

Construct a BGP session

Begin the process of managing BGP sessions on the Ha Tunnel Plus by launching the BIG-IP Configuration Utility. Then, proceed to the tab labelled “Advanced.” Once that is done, you can configure the BGP settings for both the main and secondary gateways.

In addition, you can choose the number of BGP hops you want to utilize and the period that the keepalive will occur. You can leave the keepalive timer at its default setting of sixty seconds. To properly establish the BGP session, it is also advised that the check option labelled Allow Custom be activated and selected.

After establishing a BGP session, the next step is to specify the peer. Finally, you must provide permission for that peer to receive BGP packets. During the configuration process, BGP is required to build up an interface between all of the neighbouring networks.

It is essential to remember that the direction loopback connections might go in can alter. The loopback interface is essential because it enables devices to provide fault tolerance, which is a need in today’s technological landscape.

Creating a VPN Profile

Installing the most recent update of the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app is a must for using the software. Your device has to be clear of all data and up to date, as well as linked to a host or an SNI.

Then, to set up your phone and your local network, you need to follow the guidelines that are provided by the app. Next, you will need to generate the internet configuration and ha-tunnel files.

Using this method, you can connect to any network, including those provided by different Internet service providers (ISPs). First, open the “File Manager” application on your computer after downloading the configuration file, and then go to the directory that houses the configuration file. Then, launch your Ha Tunnel Plus application and choose it from the menu. Next, launch “File Manager” to access the file, then after opening it, choose “Add VPN Profile.”

HAT traffic VPN profile configuration

You may create a high-availability (HA) VPN connection with many endpoints by setting up a special VPN profile. The first step in configuring a VPN pair is to create a VPN profile for the pair with a similar description and name. In addition, high-availability chassis attachment is required.

Create a virtual private network (VPN) connection and configure the allowed services on the host machine. To permanently save your new settings, you must activate the “configuration mode” once you’ve tweaked the device.

Your VPN network adapter must be HA-capable. Multiple MAC addresses per vNIC should be enabled. There might be as many as eight people in a DSC team. For the highest level of redundancy and resilience, choose a VPN with high availability support. Multiple port configurations are also possible. The HA pair must be associated with your VPN configuration. If you don’t, it won’t work properly. 

How do I connect to HA Tunnel Plus?

Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app on your device. Turn on Custom Setup by selecting Connection Mode. Next, select Direct Connection through the arrow-down button (Internet). In the menu, pick your port from the drop-down menu to the right of the Select Port button. 

How do I create a HA Tunnel Plus config file?

You need to download the configuration file from the app, open the file Manager on your computer, and browse through the directory containing the configuration file. Now open your app and open the file using the” File” Manager and then select “Add VPN Profile.” 

What is the function of HA Tunnel Plus?

The HA Tunnel Plus client is a virtual private network (VPN) application that enables users to safely access the internet. However, in contrast to other virtual private network applications (VPNs), HA Tunnel Plus is unique in that it tunnels your internet connection using specialized files known as HAT files. While individuals can build their HAT files, most people need to acquire them from the internet.

Is Ha tunnel a good VPN?

One of the most trustworthy virtual private networks (VPNs) is now called HA Tunnel Plus. This Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provided by Art of Tunnel enables you to hide your online activity by masking your IP address. In addition, the data that you receive and transmit now is encrypted thanks to the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, providing you with additional protection.

Conclusion: HA Tunnel Plus is compatible with SSH 2.0 for added security. Users can employ individualized connection text to connect to certain servers. Users can also use individualized connection text to connect to a particular server.

Because of this, they can bypass the limits imposed by both the networks and the internet service providers. In addition, it generates an anonymous user ID that may be used to perform a handshake with the server. HA Tunnel Plus provides users with a wide variety of choices, one of which is the ability to customize the connection method.

So if you are interested in setting up a local network on HA tunnel plus your device, you must read our instructions thoroughly.