How To Use PC Inspector File Recovery Introduction

PC Inspector File Recovery is a freeware procedure that is allocated by Convar and you don’t have to pay anything. It can be operated in the background. PC Inspector File Recovery is accessible for Windows.

 We all know that this is the most prominent data recovery software. Incredibly, this procedure subsidizes the NTFS system and nowadays, people need the best data recovery file.

PC Inspector File Recovery can figure out all the things that people need and it’s a very important thing. In this guide, you will learn how to use PC Inspector File Recovery.


  • Regain files with the actual time and the data seal. This can also be done when a header admission is no longer accessible.
  • Supports formats such as MOV, LZH, ARJ, WAV, DXF, HTML, AVI, EXE, BMP, etc.
  • This will also protect the regained files on network drives.
  • Even if the boot sector has been destroyed, it can discover barriers automatically.

Setup For Clients

This takes very few times to install and download PC Inspector File recovery software. The program is free and it doesn’t require any personal or payment information, so it’s a good transition.

There was no setup essential other than ensuring the installation prompts. But the PC Inspector File Recovery client is quite ancient and disorganized.

It will be distracting for first-time users, so be ready to expend some time comprehending the program if you agree to utilize it.

Steps For Recovery Of Files

  • Firstly, on your computer, you have to install “Recoverit”.
  • Then you have to move the program.
  • There will be an option named ” Lost File Recovery” and you’ll click on it.
  • Choose the endeavor that includes the data you want to recover.
  • For starting up the scanning processing, click on the Start button.
  • Wait for the processing.
  • When it’s finished, all of the measurements will be displayed.

Working Process

  • You must install the program and then the one you prefer to recover files from. By doing this, you will reduce the gamble of decaying or overwriting the decayed or deleted files.
  • When you run PC Inspector, you’ll see many options.
  • If you lose your data, select the option which is called “Find Lost Data.”
  • For approachable drives, select “Find Lost Drive.”
  • An option is to recover deleted files. This option will help you to regain destroyed files from an SD card.
  • If anyone wants to select this option, can see that the procedure will examine all the attached drives to the computer.
  • One can check all the things that are selected. They just have to click one button- “Previous”

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Conclusion: This article shows how to use Pc Inspector File Recovery. We know that it’s very natural to accidentally lose data on your computer and sometimes, this happens with computer users.

A person will need to recover that essential data. But if someone gets it achieved by the outward experts, they have to pay hundreds of dollars. But PC Inspector File Recovery makes it very easy for us and it’s free.

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