Mini Militia Apk Download Latest v5.3.4 for Android, iOS, PC

The Mini Militia Apk v5.3.4 is the latest version of the Doodle Army 2 game. And, this game is very popular in the whole world. I bet you have played this game or heard about this. Now, the Mini Militia game is very popular among all sorts of people for its amazing and cool features. This game has unlimited of everything and other many things which I have discussed in the below article. So, get the Mini Militia APK Latest version 5.3.4 from our site and read below article for more information.

Features of Mini Militia APK:

The Mini Militia has made many records in the gaming world. And, all this is possible for its amazing features. Yes! This game has cool features that are why gamer and other people have addicted for this game. In the present world, 70% of the Android and iOS users play this game. Now, before discussing its features, let me tell you all information about the Mini Militia game. This game is a free-to-play 2D shooter game. It was released for iOS devices on 5th April 2011 and Google Play for Android on 14th September 2016. Now, in the game, you will able to experience three gaming modes. And, those modes are training mode, survival mode, and multiplayer.

mini militia apk download latest version

Mini Militia Apk Latest 5.3.4 Download Information:

Are you looking for Mini Militia APK latest version Download link for your devices? in this part, you can Download the Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia APK Latest version 5.3.4 from here.

Download Mini Militia

or Install on Google Play Store

Now, the Mini Militia has many cool features. Among them some are, it has unlimited everything. It also has 15 maps like Outpost, Bottle neck, Sub-division, No escape, So long, High Tower, Icebox, Snow Blind, Suspension, Catacombs, Crossfire, Pyramid, Cliffhanger, and Overseer. Besides, it also features the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cross-platform connectivity, and it also supports up to 12 players.

All Versions of Mini Militia:

What’s New on Mini Militia APK 2021?

The survival mode is a part where all players must protect themselves from robots with the help of their weapons and skills. A player will get the chance to achieve various weapons in this game by destroying the robots. And, those weapons are very hi-tech and cool like the shotgun, M4, MP5, Revolver, Uzi, AK-47, Desert Eagle, SMAW, M93BA, grenades, and the machete. Added score and rank storage for Appsomniacs account logged in users in house.

Added temporary gas invulnerability when spawning (the mission to nerf spawn camping continues. You’re gonna have to earn those score padding kills in actual combat. Adapt and overcome.)Updated telemetry and crash reporting systems. Fixed high (retina)/low resolution bug (was not loading the correct files in certain situations). Updated diagnostic system (internal help system that does info gathering)

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Unlimited Flying Power:

Now, this version of the Mini Militia has another cool and amazing feature, and that is unlimited flying power. In this game, you will be able to fly as much as you want and you might see the visual indicator showing lower power if you disabled Gravity. Unlimited flying power will allow you to play this game better and kill more enemies.

Unlimited Ammo:

In this game, your guns will get unlimited bullets/ ammo. And, you can switch weapons and throw grenades at your enemies.  Now, you won’t get freeze or crashes in quick play or online mode. Besides, the zero ammo weapons in Lan Wi-Fi mode also fixed. But, keep in mind don’t host the game when you are playing in local Lan Wi-Fi mode always ask someone else to host.

Pro Pack Unlocked:

Now, in the Mini Militia Pro Pack Latest Version v5.3.4, the Pro Pack is unlocked. It means you can enjoy the Pro version features of this game by free. And, it will help you to rank good in this game. So, get this version enjoy the Pro Pack.

One Shot Death:

This game features the one-shot death. This feature allows a player to kill enemies in a single shot. Now, your enemies will die from a single shot from your gun. And, if you enable this, your gun will fire five bullets per shot. And, it will save your time and effort to fire again and again.

Dual Wield:

This game has another cool feature, and that is the dual wield. It enables a gamer to take any weapon as a Dual weapon like taking Rocket Launcher with a sniper or Double barrel with a Fire sprayer or with same weapons too. So, you will be able to take any weapon as dual and knock down any opponent, and your game will also improve.

Suicide Option of Doodle Army 2:

The Mini Militia Mod Apk Version v5.3.4 has the Suicide Option. This option is added in this version for the easiness of any player. With the help of this feature, you can kill yourself to go to the outside of the map. And, you also can kill yourself at any problem or any situation.

New Avatars:

The Mini Militia Pro Pack game contains many characters, and in the game, they called avatars. Now, in this version of the game, more avatars are added, and they have more hi-tech and advanced weapons. Those avatars are also very cool, and you will be able to choose whom you like. Those avatars are more powerful and good form than before. And, their customization features are also available in this version.


In the Mini Militia Apk v5.3.4, the new skin and Avatar unlocked. And, it also has a red line for targeting, custom game rooms, pick a server, etc. Now, create (host) or find a room so you can play with your friends online Room Creator (Host) can set game playtime. Besides, it has also fixed crash. Now, you can see who is hiding behind bush and trees.

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Unlimited Health of Mini Militia Pro Pack:

The best feature of the Mini Militia Pro pack is that it has unlimited health. The unlimited health means you will not die in the game. And, you will be able to play as much as you want. And, this feature will give you the ability to rank and make good points in this game. Besides, your health will not reduce no matter what happens.

Finally, I hope you have found all the features of this famous game. And, you have also understood why it is very popular. Now, if you haven’t installed the game yet, then download it from here and install it. And, visit our site often to get more info about the Mini Militia Apk Download All Version with new features. Thanks for being with us.

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