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Get The Mini Militia avatars names list, memes & game review from here. Now, the Mini militia is the most popular, exciting, and maximum played game. It has tons of downloads after its release. It has many cool and amazing features that have made this game so popular. Besides, its avatars are amazing too. Now, you will need a nickname of your avatar if play this game. And, in this article, I have written some cool and fantastic Mini Militia avatar names list. Moreover, I also have discussed this game and its features. So, read the article below.

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a very popular free-to-play 2D action game. It was released for iOS devices on 5th April 2011 and Google Play for Android on 14th September 2016. This game is very popular and fun to play with friends. You can play this game offline or the online both. In this game, maximum 12 players can play together. And, it also has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cross-platform connectivity. Now, this game has many options and many versions. Besides, it is upgrading day by day.

The Mini militia Games Info:

The Mini Militia game has three basic modes. And, those are training mode, survival mode, and multiplayer. At first, the training mode is a simple tutorial that allows the player to acquire the basic controls and movement of this game. Now, the survival mode is a part where all players must shield themselves against robots with the help of a CPU player. Moreover, in this game, various weapons can be accomplished by destroying the robots. And, those weapons are the shotgun, M4, MP5, Revolver, Uzi, AK-47, Desert Eagle, SMAW, M93BA, grenades, and the machete.

In Mini Militia game,

all players are fitted with jetpack boots with limited fuel that allows them to navigate the map better. And, there are 15 maps in the Mini Militia. Now, those maps are Outpost, Bottle neck, Subdivision, No escape, Lunarcy, So long, High Tower, Icebox, Snow Blind, Suspension, Catacombs, Crossfire, Pyramid, Cliffhanger, and Overseer. Besides, it has the multiplayer PvP mode features. Now, the avatars and weapons can be gained through microtransactions. It includes a wider variety of maps and weapons. And, the game play is most likely similar to survival part.

Mini Militia Avatar Names:

The Mini Militia avatars names are here. Now, it is very needed to use the Best and Dangerous mini militia names in the game for Mini militia avatars. And, for those people who play Mini Militia games, they must require the cool Mini Militia avatar names for the profile. And, I have a huge collection of Mini Militia amazing names list Mini Militia avatars. Now, an attractive and cool Mini Militia avatar nickname is necessary in today’s gaming world. And, if you are playing Mini Militia Games with Friends, then you must need a cool name for your Mini Militia avatar or you can install Doodle Army 2 Avatar apps from Google play store. Besides, a good name of Mini Militia can increase your status greatly. So, pick a name from the below for your Mini Militia avatar.

mini militia avatar with memes

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Best Avatars list of Mini Militia:

  • One Shot Killer.
  • King-of-mini-militia.
  • Hard-sniper.
  • Serial killer.
  • Shooter No.1.
  • Terminator.
  • Skull Dude.
  • Crazy Guy.
  • Ghost-rider.
  • Poison.
  • Mirror Killer.
  • Guest Killer.
  • Hacker.
  • Alligator.
  • Big show.
  • Hard Rocks.
  • Don’t Mess with Me.
  • Killing Machine.
  • Cut That Crap.
  • Dead shot.
  • Knight Rider.
  • My Father.
  • Evening Butcher.
  • Shadow.
  • Vampire Killer.
  • Visitor Killer.
  • Godfather.
  • Atom Bomb.
  • Heart Breaker.
  • Super Dude.
  • King Cobra.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Captain America.
  • Spiderman.
  • Pancake Killer.
  • Backpack Slayer.
  • Professor.
  • Kidnapper.
  • Ghost.
  • The Joker.
  • Sniper Reloaded.
  • Jack Torrance.
  • Lord Voldemort.
  • Magneto.
  • Hulk.
  • Iron-Man.
  • Robot-x.
  • Heart Hacker.
  • Hartley-Oscillator.
  • Count Dracula.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Captain Hook.
  • The-Drinker.
  • Tiger-King.
  • Bunker-king.
  • The-Godzilla.
  • He-man.
  • Knight-Rider.
  • Your-Uncle.
  • Spartan.
  • Your-commander.
  • The Joker.
  • Godzilla.
  • Dead End.
  • Bunker King.
  • Shotgun.
  • AK-47.
  • Suicide Machine.
  • The Drinker.
  • Ultimate bomber.
  • Captain Hook.
  • The Daemon.
  • Romance Revenge.
  • Dragon.
  • Hammer.
  • Heart hacker.
  • Shoebox Murderer.
  • Pygmy Slayer.
  • Twilight Butcher.
  • Sanguine Killer.
  • Sickle Murderer.
  • Vampire.
  • Virus.
  • King Cobra.
  • Super dude.
  • Sniper Reloaded.
  • Baby doll.
  • Human Dracula.
  • Jack the Ripper.
  • Angel of Death.
  • Casanova Slayer.
  • The Bride Butcher.
  • Fast Food Butcher.
  • Spotless Killer.
  • Bald Slayer.
  • Chopper.
  • Skull.
  • Holiday Murderer.

Some Key Features of Mini Militia Game:

Now, it is known to everyone that the Mini Militia is the maximum playing game in the current world. And, this game got tons of download at the first week of release. This game is played by 70% of iOS and Android and PC users. Besides, it is totally amazing and fun to play with its outstanding features. And, those features have made this game popular among all gamer in the world. Now, those features are in the below.

Best Mini Militia Memes: Just for Fun:

Mini Militia avatar

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Mini Militia Avatar student Memes

Unlimited Health:

Mini Militia Mod apk has the feature of unlimited health. That means your health will not reduce no matter what happens.

Unlimited Flying Power:

In the Mini Militia game, a player can enjoy unlimited flying power. A player will be able to fly as much as they want.

Unlimited Ammo:

In this game, your guns will get unlimited ammo. And, you can switch weapons and throw grenades. Besides, the zero ammo weapons in Lan Wifi mode also fixed in Mini Militia.
One Shot Death:

It has the one shot death feature that allows a player to kill all enemies with one shot. And, if you enable this, your gun will fire five bullets per shot.
Dual Wield: In this game, you can take any weapon as a dual weapon like taking the Double barrel with a Fire sprayer or Rocket Launcher with a sniper or with same weapons too.


in Mini Militia, suicide option added, new Skin and Avatar unlocked, a red line for targeting included. And, it has fixed crash and dual gun bug.

Finally, it is needless to say that how popular this game is. And, most of the people play this game every day. Now, I hope you have picked a cool avatar name from the above list and get the game review. But, if you have any question about this game, then inform us by leaving your comment. And, visit our site to get Mini Militia APK latest version of the game.

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