Mini Militia Malayalam Mod v2.2.19 Download: Theri Version Pro Pack unlocked

Download the Mini Militia Malayalam Pro Pack mod and theri version from here. The Mini Militia Malayalam is the new version of Mini Militia game. This version of the game is made by some XDA members. And, it has the same features like other versions. But, the only thing is different is the voice which is Malayalam. You can download this version from our website. Now, read the below article for more information about of Mini Militia Malayalam APK latest version 2021.

Mini Militia Malayalam Pro Pack Mod & Their Version Detail Information:

The Mini Militia Malayalam Pro Pack mod and theri version are here. Now, Some XDA Members made mini militia Malayalam version of the popular game Mini Militia with their voice. And, you can download latest version of the Mini Militia mod apk from our site totally free. Now, Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is a multiplayer dual-stick shooting game. In this game, you can battle up to four players, and you play this either locally or online via Game Center. Besides, an offline single player mode is also available in this game. Now, after learning the basics from Sarge in Training mode, you will be able to blow up more robots in Survival mode.

Mini Militia Malayalam Mod v2.2.19 Download: Theri Version Pro Pack unlocked

Moreover, there’s only one basic map in Survival mode and the Multiplayer mode offers a few more maps. Now, at the start of each Survival game, you will get three lives. In this game, if you blasted to pieces, then your character will re-appear in a couple of seconds, and that’s up to a maximum of two times. Now, a good collection of weapons is available in the Mini Militia like a shotgun, Desert Eagle, Uzi, Magnum, MP5, AK47, M4, M93BA, SMAW, machete, and grenades. Now, for close-up fighting, you can also use a separate melee attack button. But, your rocket boots have limited power, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the power bar in the top left corner of the screen. And, if you’re lucky, you may also chance upon power boost and health pack power-ups in this game.

Key Features of Mini Militia Malayalam Game 2021:

Now, there is a new version of popular Mini Militia game, and that is the Mini Militia Malayalam Pro Pack and theri version. And, this version of the popular game is also very popular among many players. This version of the game, all the same, features that the other Mini Militia has. And, it also has amazing Malayalam voice, songs, and comedy. Now, you should play this game. And, the 70% of iOS and Android and PC users plays this game. Now, it is an amazing, and outstanding game. And, it’s amazing, and outstanding features are given in the below article.

  • Unlimited Health: Mini Militia Malayalam has the feature of unlimited health. And, it means your health will not reduce no matter what happens.
  • Unlimited Flying Power: In the Mini Militia Malayalam version, all players can enjoy unlimited flying powers or rocket jets. Besides, a player will be able to fly as much as they want.
  • Unlimited Ammo: Now, a player will get unlimited ammo in this version of the Mini Militia game. Moreover, all players can switch weapons and throw grenades. And, the zero ammo weapons in Lan Wifi mode also fixed in this version of the game.
  • One Shot Death: Now, it has the feature of shot death that allows a player to kill all enemies with a single shot. Besides, if you enable this feature, your gun will fire five bullets per shot.

Installing Instructions for Mini Militia Malayalam APK

Now, if you want to get the Mini Militia Malayalam Pro Pack and theri version in your device then follow the steps I have described in the below.

  • At first, make sure you have backed up your game data with any app
  • I recommend titanium backup.
  • Now, download the APK file of the game from this site.
  • After that, make sure ‘unknown sources’ checked on your device
    To Do for android 2.3
  • Go to Settings >> Application >> Unknown Sources
    For Android 4.0 +
  • Go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources.
  • And now, install APK on your device.

Mini Militia Malayalam MOD Info:

  • Malayalam Dialogues (all voices replaced with funny malayalam dialogs) 
  • Pro Pack fully unlocked (you don’t need ROOT)
  • Current Version: V2.2.19
  • Voice dubbing credit : Pro tech

Download File

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Mini Militia Malayalam Avatar Names:

I said in the above article that the Mini Militia Malayalam version is also a very popular game for many players. And, I have some very cool and funny avatar names for the Malayalam version of this game. And, those names are given below.

  • Killing Machine.
  • Cut That Crap.
  • Dead shot.
  • Knight Rider.
  • Your-commander.
  • The Joker.
  • Dead End.
  • Bunker King.
  • Tiger King.
  • AK-47.
  • One shot killer.
  • Suicide Machine.
  • The Drinker.
  • Ultimate bomber.
  • Captain Hook.
  • Skull Dude.
  • Count Dracula.
  • The Daemon.
  • Vekkada vedi.
  • Roman Reigns.
  • Heart hacker.
  • Jagga Daaku.
  • Bomb blaster.
  • Chir Dalunga.
  • Rx-Metallica.
  • ViRu$.
  • Captain America.
  • Big show
  • Hard rocks.
  • Militia King.
  • Serial killers.
  • King Cobra.
  • Super dude.
  • Love India.
  • Sniper Reloaded.
  • Baby doll.

Important Tips to Play the Mini Militia Malayalam

Now, I am going to give you some important tips that will help you to win the game easily. And, those tips are in the below.

  • When the game starts, do not run into a fight to kill someone.
  • And, you need to get yourself fully equipped with good guns.
  • Run opposite to the direction of Bomb thrown.
  • Must reload your gun when no one is around.
  • Pick the best weapon combination.
  • Always keep two guns in hand.
  • Attack other players already engaged in the fire because they are easily killable for their low health.
  • Shoot into Bushes before passing through them because there may be enemies hiding behind it.
  • With the help of perfect block, you can protect yourself from missile and saw cutter.

Finally, I hope it is clear for you all that the Mini Militia Malayalam version is very popular as other versions. Now, this version of the Mini Militia mod game has all features that other versions have. And, it has funny Malayalam voice and songs. So, visit our site to get the Mini Militia Malayalam latest Pro Pack mod and theri version for free.

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