How To Remove Phone Number From Snapchat

Snapchat is a camera that can be used for customizable photos. There are also more amazing features. Nowadays, Snapchat is a very common trend on social media.

People use this for capturing various types of photos. This is different from other apps. Because you can text and capture photos at the same time. You can try unique looks through this camera.

People use this more day by day so of course, this is one of the massive networking programs. There are more than 1000 million Snapchat users. Every social media app needs a phone number to log in. This article will teach How to remove phone numbers from snap chat.

About This App

Snapchat is a very helpful app and very easy to use. Sometimes people go through difficulties because it has so many features but they can’t easily find them.

However, if you learn how to use them, you’ll become an all-time user of this amazing app. After the popularity of Facebook Twitter Instagram, Snapchat became one of the most famous apps in the world.

Nowadays, no one can distance themselves from social media and over 500 million users are using this app every month. Through this, everyone can capture amazing and unique photos and text whenever they want.

For using Snapchat, you have to give a phone number to enlist. If you want to remove it, don’t worry! You just have to follow some steps.

Steps For removing Phone Number

  • Begin with opening the Snapchat app.
  • Then get on to the settings.
  • There will be a log-out option and you have to log out from your account.
  • You would see the login process.
  • Then sign up by your first name, and last name. A button will be shown as “Sign Up and Accept”, tap on it.
  • Give your birth date and continue.
  • Prefer your username and tap on “continue”
  • There will be two choices. You can sign up with your email address or sign up with your phone number.
  • Permeate that phone number you like to remove. Assess that number and enter the code that they send on your number.
  • Log out of the new snap chat that you are now signing.
  • Log in to your main account.

You can also replace your phone number. Here are the instructions –

  • Open your Snapchat on your current account.
  • Tap on the profile.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  •  Click on the “Mobile Number” option.
  • Enter any number that you want to provide and verify that number entering the confirmation code.
  • Snapchat will demand you to give a strong password to confirm that number.
  • After confirmation, you can see that a new number has been provided.

Conclusion: Snapchat is an app that you can use without tension because it’s 100% safe. 

You can also open another account using any number you want. Furthermore, if someone wants to open a Snapchat account then you know the steps. Hopefully, you have benefited from learning about how to remove phone numbers from snap chat.

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